Hi again, as you know my accent has changed my life for the better which is great, because it shows you how smart you can be at school. When at school people think my aide does everything for me but that is not true, she tells them you can speak to him but have to wait for a reply, for me to reply I have to use my head switch, some people are amazed and say wow to myself and my aide and are left with their mouths on the floor. Many are so amazed they are left gobsmacked and some just walk away. We can use our devices for everything and do things that are sometimes easier or harder they cannot do the things we do on the computer. Part of our brain is like technology as we use our devices every day to talk and use for school. You can be whoever you want to be. You have the power and remember you can do anything that comes to you. When things get hard you shouldn’t stop, just keep going until you have reached the top. Thank you for reading my name is Joseph Harrall and if you would like to talk to me more about this then you can contact me on my email which is joey.harrall1@gmail.com or find me on facebook. Until next time good bye for now and happy reading.



Hi, my name is Joey , I have a tool which is the Minispeak application program that is designed for the Accent 1400 and is excellent to use, I can not go anywhere without my accent now. I have achieved and can do things I never thought I could do like playing music and games, talking to my friends, writing and much more. I can now express my feelings now which is great for me, as before I would get frustrated because I couldn’t. My good friends see me the same as them because I can talk to them and everyone should think that too, remember everyone has their own thoughts. Since I have had my device my world has changed for the best, I like to make everything into a joke because you only get to live once and you can to with an Accent. My thoughts come out in words now and everything thanks to this great device, this is a great feeling, I hope someone can get the same happiness out of the Accent 1400 as much as I have and hope you get great enjoyment out of it. My name is Joseph Harrall and thank you for reading this and good bye for now, if you would like to talk to me I would be happy to you can either email me at joey.harrall1@gmail.com or you can find me on Facebook. Again thanks for reading.


Welcome back as you know my name is Joseph Harrall but people call me Joey, I have a laptop which is my Accent 1400. For school it is my pen and paper for my school work and at home its my phone and for gaming. With the Accent 1400 you can play games, music, watch movies and TV plus more. I also take photos with mine and then edited them. You can do anything you like on your device these are some of the things I enjoy doing on mine, the world is in your hands using this device so make the most of it and enjoy. It may be hard and frustrating at the start but believe me it pays off in the long run. I went through the hard work and has now paid off. You now have the gift to make your life and self feel better. Good bye for now, if you want to talk to me or would like advice then please do not hesitate to email me at joey.harrall1@gmail.com or you can find me on Facebook. I hope you have enjoyed reading this.


Welcome back, my name is Joseph Harrall and I have an Accent 1400 which is a piece of me, it goes everywhere with me. The best feature is the feeling for me to be able to say something about what is on my mind. Spelling comes easy as I use the icons for all my schoolwork and communication, and if I cant find a word I just icon and tutor it. I taught myself on how to use my device and believe you should teach yourself because I believe the best teacher is you and that is what an old friend said to me and I have never looked back just forwards. Your future is now in your hands and the world is your oyster you now have the power to make life better for yourself and everyone around you, best motto is try anything that comes your way and remember you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I have a saying and that is I can do it and want you to think that too. You now have a voice and you can use it in your core in your communication device and it will be a piece of you forever. Just imagine what you think you can say anything you want to and best piece of communication is that it gives you the power to talk to everyone. I have a bank of words which is use a lot which are (I, Please, A, The, When, How, What, Why, You, Are, Is, Thank you and many many more. I use my device every single day and I find new things – how often do you use your device more time on your device the better you will be and much happier so that you can express yourself without help from anyone. I’m Joseph Harrall and would like to say goodbye until next time, I’m happy to talk so if you want to talk to me you can email me at joey.harrall1@gmail.com or you can find me Facebook. Thanks for reading my blog.

First blog post

Hi My name is Joseph Harrall I have an Accent 1400 and I can not live without it.
It’s my voice, phone, tablet and everything I want it to be.  I use mine for playing games, taking photos, doing my school work, talking to my friends and much more.  The power is in my hands now.

Having the Accent 1400 has been the best thing that could happen to me both personally and for school it has opened my horizons in many ways which it could do for you.The device is my voice and hands, I would be lost without my Accent.  I’m Joseph Harrall Good-bye for now.  If you want to talk to me.  My email is joey.harrall1@gmail.com or you can find me on Facebook.  Thanks for reading